149a. Editorial Note

In May 1967, President Carlos Lleras Restrepo requested U.S. Government assistance to counter an expanding insurgency threat. In August 1967, the 303 Committee approved covert assistance to improve the Colombian Government’s counterinsurgency capability. From October 1967 until June 1970, the U.S. Government allocated approximately $373,000 for covert support of counterinsurgency programs in Colombia. The Colombian Government contributed about $828,000 during the same period, of which $737,615 was allocated during the 1969–1970 period.

The covert funding went to two Colombian Government programs: “seed money” for civic action programs such as construction of schools, medical care centers, rural roads and bridges, and improved village drinking water facilities; and support to more effectively track guerilla forces. In June 1970, because the objectives of the covert assistance had been met, the 40 Committee terminated the program.