144. Memorandum From the Senior Department of Defense Attaché in France (Walters) to the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger), Washington, undated.1 2

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Memorandum to Dr. Kissinger
From: Gen Walters

After the departure of President Medici the President directed me to bring to your attention that he wished action taken on the following:

With Secretary Connally to ensure a better priority for the Inter American Development Bank in relation to development Banks for other areas.

[text not declassified]

That his special channel to Pres Medici be through you and Gibson Barbosa (I caught a hint from Medici that if it was really delicate Manso Netto might be the man).

That he wanted Col. Arthur S. Moura presently Army and Defense Attache to Brazil promoted to Brigadier General and maintained on Station. He added “That is an order and I do not want back talk from Pentagon bureaucrats.”

That he expected President Medici to tell him of the Lanusse visit through you.

The President then directed me to tell President Medici the following prior to his departure:

1. That he was greatly impressed with Medici and delighted at the personal rapport they had established and the closeness of their views. With only very few chiefs of state had he developed so quickly a close relationship. He had been most impressed with President Medici. He understood that Brazil might from time to time have to take a different or even opposing position to the U.S. on some matters.

President Medici reciprocated these sentiments when I saw him at Blair House twenty minutes after he left the President. He said that he had talked to four Presidents, three of whom he already knew. Areco of Uruguay, Stroessner of Paraguay and Restrepo of Colombia and had found his contacts with President Nixon far the most relaxed and most satisfying. He knew our two countries could work together and expressed his admiration for the President, his courage and the way he handles the heavy burden he must bear. He Medici wanted to do everything he could to lighten the President’s burden. When he heard that General Walters had been summoned from Paris he knew what kind of a visit he would have. He was delighted about Moura.

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 1025, Presidential/HAK Memcons, President-President Médici. No classification marking. It was drafted and typed by Walters.
  2. Defense Attaché Walters discussed a range of topics that came up in the meetings between Presidents Nixon and Médici. Walters informed President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs Kissinger that the President “wished action taken” on these topics.