120. National Security Study Memorandum 671 2

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  • The Secretary of State
  • The Secretary of Defense
  • The Director of Central Intelligence Agency
  • The Director of the Bureau of the Budget
  • The Administrator of the Agency for International Development


  • Program Analysis of Brazil

The President has directed that a program analysis of Brazil be undertaken in accordance with the procedures described in NSDM 4.

The study will:

—In light of alternative assumptions about U.S. interests and objectives in Brazil, analyze those policy issues which will have a bearing on the size, mix, and composition of U.S. programs in Brazil over the next five years.

—In the light of experience since the late 1950s with our policies and programs, formulate alternative program mixes consonant with key policy options and analyze their budget implications.

—Develop alternative statements of U.S. interests, objectives, policy options and their program and budget implications for consideration by the National Security Council.

The study should include an analysis of the following U.S. programs and possible trade-offs among them.

1. Military assistance (including credit sales) and military advisory functions and their influence on both the political and military roles of the Brazilian Armed Forces.

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2. The programs of A.I.D., the Export-Import Bank, the Peace Corps, and the Department of Agriculture (under Public Law 480) and their impact on Brazil’s economic development, social structure and political institutions.

3. U.S. commercial programs and trade policies and their relation to the political and economic impact of U.S. business operations in Brazil and to Brazilian development.

4. The programs of the United States Information Agency and their utility in influencing the attitudes of important Brazilian interest groups toward U.S. policies and programs.

The study will be carried out by an Ad Hoc Group under a Steering Committee convened by the State Department. The Chairman of the Steering Committee will consult periodically with the Latin American Interdepartmental Group. Agencies and offices not represented on the Ad Hoc Group can also be called upon to provide inputs to the study as required.

Members of the Steering Committee and the Ad Hoc Working Group will be designated in a separate memorandum from the undersigned after consultation with the agencies involved.

The Department of State will provide administrative support for the Ad Hoc Group.

The study should be forwarded to the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs by November 1, 1969. Subsequently, it will be referred to the NSC IG/LA for comment prior to consideration by the Review Group.

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 365, Subject Files, National Security Study Memoranda, Nos. 43–103. Secret. A copy was sent to the Chairman of the JCS, the Director of the USIA, the Director of the Peace Corps, and the Secretaries of Commerce and Agriculture. The introduction to the November 1 study is Document 125.
  2. President Nixon directed a broad-ranging review of U.S. policy toward Brazil that included a thorough presentation of “interests, objectives, and policy options.”