79. Memorandum From the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs (Nutter) to the Director, Joint Staff (Vogt)1 2


  • United States Military MissiON with Iran and United States Military Advisory GroUP to Iran (ARMISH-MAAG)

The number of personnel currently authorizeded for ARMISH-MAAG, Iran, is 425 (272 U.S. Personnnel and 153 foreign nationals). The annual cost to the U.S. to support these personnel in FY 71 is approximately $6.8 million ($4.7 million is Service funded and $2.1 million is funded under the Military Assistaace Program).

There are a number of factors which militate against the maintenance, at U.S. expense, of this large U.S. military representation in Iran. Among these are our desire to reduce the U.S. military presence abroad, and the fact that Iran’s economy is such that it can afford to pay for the military advice, materiel and services it requires.

While the military relationship is a very important factor in our overall relations with Iran, I am convinced that a reduction in the size of ARMISH/MAAG will not substantially impair those relations, particularly if the MAAG is reorganised functionally in such a way to be responsive to the needs of the GOI.

Accordingly, the Joint Staff is requested to submit for approval within 60 days (1) a revised organizational structure, tailored to and responsive to MAP residual functions in Iran, advisory requirements, and Iran’s U.S. Foreign Military Sales (FMS) needs which will permit sucessive strength reductions without need for reorganization; (2) Terms of Reference which eliminate all functions related to administration and logistical support of non-MAP and non-FMS activities; and (3) Tables of Distribution for 1 July 71, 1 July 72, and 1 July 173 to implement the following guidelines for reduction of authorized personnel:

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U.S. Personnel Foreign Nationals Total
1 Jul 70 272 153 425
1 Jul 71 (25% reduction) 204 115 319
1 Jul 72 (25% reduction) 153 86 239
1 Jul 73 (25% reduction) 115 65 180

In addition, the Joint Staff should develop a plan through which the non-MAP support functions currently provided by the MAAG can be continued outside the Military Assistance program.

G. Warren Nutter
  1. Source: Washington National Records Center, OASD Files, ISA Files, Box 19, FRC 330–73A, 1975, Iran 000.1—, 333, 1970, 320.2, Iran. Secret. Drafted by Colonel Aguilar. This document, a copy, has a stamp indicating that Nutter signed the original.
  2. Nutter requested that the JCS prepare a plan to reduce the size of the U.S. Military Advisory Group in Iran.