273. Central Intelligence Agency Information Cable IN 1436281 2

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  • Iraq


  • Indication that the Kurds Anticipate a Showdown with the Government of Iraq


  • 10 August 1970 Field No.


  • [text not declassified]
Iraqi-Kurdish relations are strained. The Barzani Kurds advocate the formation of a national front, freedom for political parties and the implementation, at an accelerated rate, of the Iraqi-Kurdish agreement of 11 March 1970. The Ba’th Party of Iraq (BPI) regime is adamantly opposed to the first two demands; and, although it is sincere in its [Page 2] willingness and readiness to implement the Kurdish-Iraqi agreement, it has decided to go about it at a very slow pace.
Kurdish public and unequivocal support of U.S. Secretary of StatE Rogers’ peace proposal and of UAR President Jamal Abd-al-Nasir’s acceptance of a peaceful solution for the Palestine problem has become another bone of contention between the BPI and the Kurds. Instead of attacking the peace proposals, as the Iraqi Government had directed, al-Taakhi, the mouthpiece of the Barzani Kurds, supported that course of action.
The Barzanis, anticipating a showdown with the Iraqi Government, are strengthening their forces and lining up potential allies. They are attempting to factionalize the Jalal al-Talabani forces by attracting those who accept Barzani’s leadership, and attacking those who waiver. They have sent emissaries to London to convince Ibrahim Ahmad, Talabani’s colleague, to join their ranks. They have also established close working relationship with the Communist Party of Iraq (CPI), which supports them in their demands for a national front, freedom for political parties, and the speedy implementation of the 11 [Page 3] March agreement. Communist leaders, wanted by the Iraqi authorities, are again finding safehaven in Barzan-controlled areas.
[text not declassified] Dissem: CINCMEAFSA. [text not declassified]
  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 603, Country Files, Middle East, Iraq, TDCS 314/08439–70. Secret; No Foreign Dissem.
  2. The cable reported that the Kurds anticipated a showdown with the Iraqi Government.