267. Central Intelligence Agency Information Cable TDCS DB–315/01044–701 2

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  • Iran/Iraq/Israel


  • 4–7 March 1970


  • Israeli Aid to Kurdish Rebels


  • (7 March 1970)


  • [text not declassified]
Idriss Barzani, son of Kurdish rebel leader Mullah Mustafa [Page 2] Barzani, arrived in Tehran, Iran, on 4 March in response to a request from the Iranian national security and intelligence organization (Savak) that he come for discussions concerning the future of the Kurdish revolution. On 4 and 5 March Barzani, Sami Sanjari, and Anir Qasimi met with representatives of the Goverment of Israel. The Israelis pushed hard for resumption of hostilities in northern Iraq and promised the Kurds that they would supply anti-aircraft weapons and light artillery (sic). Idriss Barzani requested assistance in the form of armored cars and armored personnel carriers. The Israelis also agreed to supply this type of equipment. In subsequent discussions, the Israelis said that Mullah Mustafa Barzani should make an effort to capture at least two Iraqi tanks. Using this capture as cover, the Israelis promised that they would supply, via Iran, additional tanks with crews. Idriss Barzani said that he preferred to have all Kurdish crews for any tanks and requested that Kurds be trained in the operation of tanks. The Israelis readily consented to this request.
On 6 March Barzani met with General Nematollah Nasseri, Chief of Savak. Nasseri discussed Iranian plans for further aid to Mullah Mustafa Barzani and Iranian concern over Barzani‘s negotiations with the Iraqi regime. Nasseri said that Iran was fully behind the Israeli plan to renew the fighting in northern Iraq, and Idriss should carefully note what the Israelis were suggesting. Idriss Barzani was to meet with [Page 3] Nasseri again on 7 March to discuss further the Israeli proposals.
During the past month Iranian and Israeli financial assistance to Barzani has been 1,200,000 Iraqi dinars (U.S. dollars 3,360,000).
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  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 601, Country Files, Middle East, Iran and Iraq, TDCS DC–315/01044–70. Secret; No Foreign Dissem; Controlled Dissem; No Dissem Abroad; Background Use Only.
  2. Israeli Government officials, meeting with Kurdish Democratic Party Leader Barzani’s representatives in Tehran, pledged assistance if hostilities were resumed.