263. Telegram 10069 From the Embassy in Lebanon to the Department of State1 2

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  • Iraq—Possible Coup d’Etat


  • Jabr/McAndrew Memcon, 4 Nov 69
Saad Jabr contacted McAndrew December 8 to report his “group” planning establish “Iraqi Government” northern Iraq and foment rebellion in south within next six weeks. After our reiteration of USG inability get involved in a coup, Jabr said his group able carry out coup without outside support, but needs USG commitment to take following actions once “Iraqi Government” established:
Put pressure upon parent companies to wave IPC either withold all payments to “illegal government in Baghdad” or preferably to make payments under concession to “new government.” If IPC refused, his “government” would permit Barzani’s followers by sabotage to cut off flow of oil to refinery and through pipeline.
Urgent provision of medicines, food, and clothing for distribution by new “government,” which might also require credit facilities.
Provision of names of individuals both inside and outside Iraq with whom new “government” could safely cooperate.
Department will note variation between this and past plans of Jabr coup. Jabr indicated change dictated by realization that his former associate, ex-PriMin Nayif, does not have the support in the armed forces he claims to have.
EmbOff told Jabr USG could not make such commitments. Jabr insisted his three questions be referred to Washington. He will return Beirut from Iran December 12 for definitive reply. Failing satisfactory response from USG, he said he will advise his followers to abandon the effort to overthrow the Iraqi regime.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1967–69, POL 23–9 IRAQ. Secret; Exdis. Repeated to Tehran. J. Thomas McAndrew was the Political Officer in the Embassy in Lebanon.
  2. The Embassy reported that an Iraqi émigré, hoping to overthrow the Baghdad government, was asking for a U.S. commitment to aid his proposed new regime.