186. Telegram 78854 From the Department of State to the Embassy in Iran1 2

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  • Tehran 2461
Nation article is a very long, somewhat incoherent and vastly fanciful account of the adventures of one Khaibar Khan which begin underline inter alia end underline charges the royal family collectively and separately, various former American Ambassadors to Iran, AID, CIA, ETC. with a sweeping range of misdeeds including bribery, corruption and mismanagement. No allegation is made however that the USG ever denied a visa to Princess Ashraf or recommended that she not be admitted to the United States. It does contain the following passage relating to the alleged arrest of Ashraf in Geneva: Quote As K.K. charged in a letter to the UN which was annexed to his affidavit, Geneva police on November 17, 1960, had arrested Princess Ashraf for being in possession of two suitcases containing some $ dols two million worth of heroin. Prince Mahmoud had protested loudly that the bags weren’t his, and Princess Ashraf had been held for a time: Interpol had launched a big investigation, and the whole thing had been such a scandal even Time had taken note of it. End quote
John Rouse will be bringing a copy of the Nation article with him when he returns.
In view of foregoing it would seem neither necessary nor desirable for Ambassador Radji to undertake to come here to refute charges in an article which [Page 2]is patently ridiculous.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, POL 15–1 IRAN. Secret. Drafted by Miklos; cleared by Robert M. Miller (S/S); approved by Davies.
  2. The Department dismissed the charges made in the Nation article against Princess Ashraf, arguing that it was unnecessary for her representative to come to Washington to refute them.