11. Memorandum From the Chairman of the U.S. Intelligence Board (Colby) to U.S. Intelligence Board Principals1


  • National Intelligence Officers

1. Effective 1 October 1973, Mr. George A. Carver, Jr. is appointed Deputy to the Director of Central Intelligence for National Intelligence Officers (D/DCI/NIO). National Intelligence Officers will be appointed by the DCI for such geographical areas or functional subjects as the DCI may deem necessary from time to time. Each National Intelligence Officer will be the Director’s personal representative and will report directly to the DCI on his area of responsibility. Any tasking the NIOs levy on other elements of the Intelligence Community will be subject to the DCI’s approval and will pass through the normal com[Page 19]mand channels of USIB member agencies. It is my hope, however, that the NIOs will maintain extensive informal direct contacts with the elements of USIB member agencies and others in the official and private sectors cognizant of the NIO’s area of responsibility.

2. The primary function of an NIO will be to provide contact laterally on his subject across the functionally organized Intelligence Community and with customers and outside consultants as required. Each NIO will be responsible to the Director for providing Intelligence Community coordinated products (using such panels of experts or ad hoc committees and arranging USIB consideration as may be needed) to satisfy requirements for NIEs, NSSM responses, DCI briefings, etc. Each NIO will assist the Director in identifying customer needs for National Intelligence, evaluations of product and program effectiveness, uncertainties requiring collection guidance, analysis or production, and national policy problems on which National Intelligence might offer assistance. Each NIO will maintain close personal contact with the NSC Staff and other principal intelligence consumers and contributors at the department level. Every NIO will be charged with presenting for the Director’s review fully objective presentations of alternate views and interpretations.

3. The Deputy to the Director of Central Intelligence for the National Intelligence Officers (D/DCI/NIO) is assigned administrative and coordinating authority over the NIOs and will chair meetings of the NIOs for discussion of production standards, work schedules, quality control, and product review.

4. The NIOs will replace the present Board and Office of National Estimates, the Special Assistant for Vietnamese Affairs, and other units as appropriate.

W.E. Colby
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, OPI 10, Executive Registry, Job 79M00467A, Box 13, Reorganization of IC 010476–300476. Confidential. Under Nixon’s November 5, 1971, directive reorganizing the Intelligence Community, the USIB was reconstituted under the chairmanship of the DCI and included as members the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (Vice Chairman); the Director of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research; the Director of the National Security Agency; the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency; and representatives of the Secretary of the Treasury, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Atomic Energy Commission. For Nixon’s directive, see Foreign Relations, 1969–1976, vol. II, Organization and Management of U.S. Foreign Policy, 1969–1972, Document 242.