262. National Security Decision Memorandum 341


  • The Secretary of State
  • The Secretary of Defense


  • US Policy Toward Greece—Military Assistance

With reference to the memorandum of September 26, 1969, from the Chairman NSCIG/NEA to the Chairman, NSC Review Group entitled “US Policy Toward Greece: Military Assistance—Response to NSSM 52,” and the memorandum of the Secretary of State on this subject dated October 30, 1969,2 the President has instructed that:

Ambassador Tasca tell Prime Minister Papadopoulos that he is prepared to resume normal military aid shipments, including all items which have been suspended.
Ambassador Tasca make clear that movement toward a constitutional situation would ease US problems in speeding the release of the suspended equipment. [This linkage is conceived as a means of improving the atmosphere for removing the suspension of military shipments.]3
The US Government, after the President has reviewed Ambassador Tascaʼs report of the Greek Governmentʼs response, begin shipping the suspended items gradually, beginning with the less dramatic items.
After the Presidentʼs final review and approval, the following public line be taken with members of the Congress and press as necessary: Overriding US security interests were the principal factor in the decision to lift the suspension. The US Government will continue urging the government to move toward a constitutional situation.
Ambassador Tasca attempt to develop a relationship with Greek government leaders that would permit him to exercise influence for [Page 673] democratic reform and a relationship with civilian political leaders that would maintain a bridge to possible future governments.
The Under Secretaries Committee assure the coordinated execution of this policy.

Henry A. Kissinger
  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 593, Country Files—Middle East, Greece, Vol. I Jan 69–Oct 70. Secret; Nodis. Copies were also sent to the Directors of Central Intelligence and the Bureau of the Budget and to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This version replaced a November 11 memorandum on the same subject that was rescinded by the White House.
  2. The report and its conclusions are summarized in Document 261, to which the memorandum of September 26 was attached (see footnote 4, Document 257). Secretary of State Rogersʼs memorandum is Document 260.
  3. Brackets in the original.