260. Memorandum From Secretary of State Rogers to President Nixon1


  • Military Supply Policy Toward Greece

Before making a decision on the question of whether to resume full military deliveries to Greece, I believe that we should attempt to persuade the Greek Government, in its own interest and in the interest of facilitating the release of the suspended military items, to take some meaningful steps toward political reform. I would have our Ambassador discuss the matter with the Greek authorities, in a friendly and constructive atmosphere, along the following lines:

The U.S. would like to have better relations with Greece and to resume fully military shipments, but this is not possible unless we get some help from the Greek Government.
Examples of the kind of help we have in mind would be such steps as abolition of the courts martial, establishment of the Constitutional Court, and validation of the suspended articles of the Constitution.
In continuing frank discussions the Ambassador would explore with the Greek authorities the need for a real improvement of the image of the Greek Government.

I further suggest that we should await Ambassador Tascaʼs reports, and his recommendations, before deciding what to do about the suspended military shipments.

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 1235, Saunders Chronological Files, Greek Military Supply 1/20/69–12/31/69. Secret;Exdis.