447. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State1

2903. Cyprus.

Rossides (Cyprus) called Stevenson by telephone at 1 PM to say he had just received telephone call from London to effect that force in Cyprus must be UN force, and that he wanted our reaction.

Stevenson pointed out emphatically that: (1) If UN force included Western powers such as UK and US, it would be difficult if not impossible to exclude USSR; (2) if force comprised, as in previous cases, of units from small countries, there would be no basis for excluding Eastern Europeans; (3) debate over composition of force, terms of reference and financing would take long while; (4) recruitment might present many difficulties if great powers excluded; (5) precipitating debate on article 19 and whole problem of financing at this time would be most unfortunate, with unpredictable consequences; (6) allied force could be organized and landed swiftly to prevent communal fighting; (7) UN could keep observer there and preserve UN involvement.

Rossides seemed to retreat rapidly from insistence on UN force, and promised to report Stevenson’s preliminary and unofficial reactions to London by telephone. He seemed particularly concerned with Turkish pressure to concentrate Turkish population by force and terror, thus achieving de facto partition. Also seemed concerned about possibility of Communist units in UN force. Obviously implications of an SC debate and a UN force have not been carefully considered in Cyprus, and Stevenson had impression that Makarios sudden announcement re UN force was impetuous response to rumors of allied force plan.

Stevenson made clear that these were his personal and immediate reactions and would defer asking Department for instructions pending formal presentation by Cyprus.

  1. Source: Johnson Library, National Security File, Country File, Cyprus, Vol. 2. Secret; Exdis; Immediate. Repeated to Nicosia, London, Athens, and Ankara. A note on the telegram indicates it was passed to the White House, DOD, JCS, CIA, CINCSTRIKE, and CINCEUR.