444. Memorandum for Record1

Ambassador Bruce telephoned at 5:45 PM to urge that a decision be taken immediately, one way or the other, on U.S. participation in an allied force to reestablish order in Cyprus. He expressed deep concern that the situation in Cyprus would soon be out of control.

The Ambassador said he favored U.S. participation. He opposed taking the problem to the UN.

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The Ambassador said everyone was waiting for a decision from the U.S., the British, the Greeks and the Turks. He feared that the Turkish Foreign Minister would leave London Thursday, thereby breaking up the London conference. The only hope was for the U.S. to take the major role in trying for a solution.

B. Smith
  1. Source: Johnson Library, National Security File, Country File, Cyprus, Vol. 2. Confidential. Prepared by Bromley Smith.