43. Editorial Note

In 1965 the Department of State published Improvements in Administration, 1961–1964 (Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office). A revision of Changes in Administration, January 1961–January 1963, the report summarized progress toward achieving eight goals for improved administration established in 1961 by William Crockett, then Assistant Secretary of State for Administration, plus a ninth goal added in 1964. The nine areas of concern were: overseas posts; the Department of State in Washington; the personnel program; support of overseas personnel; logistic, communications, and financial support; basic organization; and the security program.

When forwarding a draft of the report to Crockett on May 18, 1965, E.A. Donovan, Chief of the Department’s Administrative Support Division, noted in his covering memorandum that Crockett’s original goals had been retained in the revised report even though “major emphasis for the past two years has been placed on strengthening the Department’s and Ambassadors’ leadership in interagency administrative matters and combining administrative servicing in Washington and field posts.” (Kennedy Library, Crockett Papers, MS 75–45, ORG 2)