403. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State1

2193. UN Financial Situation. Seydoux (France) told Goldberg today French had been in consultation with Sovs on UN financial situation. Now that decisions had been taken on basis Comite of 14 report2 they wanted to move ahead. We were first ones being consulted after their consultations with Russians.

Seydoux said his instructions were as fols: (a) that solution should cover the full amount of the $31.9 million deficit; (b) that contributions of states involved should be “in harmony” with each other; (c) that announcements of contributions should be made simultaneously.

Seydoux said he had been asked to get our reactions. He said words “in harmony” meant that relative payments of those participating should be in general proportion to their respective ratios of contributions in other matters, but that it would not have to be precise.

Goldberg said we of course regarded deficit as being in $52 million range and that even with that figure there would still be future problem [Page 875] of additional deficit coming essentially from bonds. We regarded those who were delinquent as the ones who should make contributions; lower figure in itself would be asking US to forego refunds due it and thus increase its share of expenses. Said US could not be expected to do anything simultaneously with those who were delinquent, but as he had already said in past if others were generous in meeting UN financial problems US would not thereafter be found wanting any more than it had in past.

Seydoux said he knew from Fedorenko that Sovs had conveyed to US amount of contribution they had in mind. Fedorenko had told him that US had not reacted and Seydoux had impression Sovs thought amount they had suggested was therefore acceptable to US. He went on in course of discussion to add that Sov figure of $7 million was in his view not sufficient as it would not eliminate deficit which he now thought must be met.

Goldberg told him we had no knowledge of any Sov notification to US of $7 million or any other figure, and that we would not regard $7 million as an appropriate amount. Seydoux asked that we not reveal that figure came from him in light of his “indiscretion.”

Conversation ended with Goldberg statement that we would give French official reply to their approach to US. While request made to US in French instructions was for comments on specific points set forth above it was clear from Seydoux’s handling of discussion that they were very much interested as well in questions of how much, when and how US might participate.

  1. Source: Johnson Library, National Security File, Agency File, United Nations, Vol. 5. Confidential; Exdis.
  2. Apparently the second report with recommendations, submitted July 17; for text, see UN doc. A/6343.