379. Intelligence Information Cable1

TDCS DB–315/01186–66


  • United Nations, USSR, France


  • Mid-April 1966


  • Factors Influencing the Secretary General of the United Nations in Determining Whether He Will Run for Reelection


  • (15 and 19 April 1966)

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United Nations Secretary General U Thant will probably reach a decision by the end of June as to whether he will run for reelection. He is [Page 829] confident he has the support of the French and British Governments. He is uncertain of Soviet support and says he has had some “differences” with the Soviets that have not been altogether healed. He is unsure of the attitude of the United States. If the United States is satisfied that he is the best man available, some indication of this to him would influence his decision.
U Thant will take soundings during the next two months to determine his support. Among his objectives will be assurance of a free hand in effecting an internal reorganization of the Secretariat to rid it of much “dead wood.” If his soundings indicate a willingness on the part of those queried to give him the requisite prerogatives, this will be another contributing factor in his decision to remain in his position.

The Secretary General’s wife is violently opposed to this decision by her husband. She dislikes New York and life in the United States and exerts every pressure she can on her husband to return to Burma.

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  1. Source: Johnson Library, National Security File, Agency File, United Nations, Vol. 3. Secret; No Foreign Dissem; Controlled Dissem; No Dissem Abroad; Background Use Only. Prepared in the Central Intelligence Agency.