295. Memorandum From the Deputy Under Secretary of State for Administration (Crockett) to the President’s Special Assistant (Jenkins)1

You will recall that I have mentioned to you my concern about the staffing at USUN with particular reference to the utilization of Negroes. At the present time there are only two Negroes in professional jobs—Carmel Marr and Frank Montero, both at the ES 14 level; moreover, Mr. Montero may be leaving shortly. There may be one or two other Negroes serving in clerical or semi-professional positions, but, by and large, the prevailing pattern of employment at the Mission has been a failure to utilize minorities in the higher level professional positions.

Over the past several years Ambassadors Mercer Cook, Carl Rowan and others professionally employed in the foreign affairs field have been appointed as alternate delegates to the General Assembly. [Page 636] Not since the Eisenhower Administration has there been a Negro serving as a full Delegate.

The continuing absence of Negroes in senior level positions and on the Delegation at USUN has drawn mounting criticism from the Negro community and particularly from the politically sensitive minority organizations in New York City. If unchanged this will culminate in strong criticism of the Department and the Administration. The immediate appointment of a Negro as a full Delegate probably would not stop it, but would certainly soften the effect.

I understand that the President is considering having Sidney Yates fill Jack Bingham’s former position at USUN. We think we can offer a qualified Negro candidate for this job. However, if the President believes it important that Yates get the position, perhaps we can have a Negro take Yates’ present job. I would appreciate your raising this possibility with the President.

William J. Crockett 2
  1. Source: Kennedy Library, Crockett Papers, MS 75–45, WJC Book, Deputy Under Secretary of State for Administration. No classification marking. Drafted by Richard Fox (O).
  2. Printed from a copy that indicates Crockett signed the original.