278. Letter From Director of Central Intelligence Helms to the Deputy Secretary of Defense (Nitze)1

Dear Paul:

In accordance with our telephone conversation, I am going ahead with the organization of a National Intelligence Resources Board to be chaired by the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence with the Director, Defense Intelligence Agency and the Director, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Department of State as members. The purpose of this [Page 604] Board is to assist me in developing my judgments concerning the need for resources to support the foreign intelligence effort.

The Board will evaluate the responsiveness of individual projects and activities to the intelligence objectives, requirements and priorities established by USIB and provide me with recommendations concerning the level of funding generally appropriate for such projects and activities. I shall look to it for advice in connection with questions which arise during the course of the review of the four major national intelligence programs (the CCP, NRP, CIP and CIAP) concerning needs for the procurement, development or utilization of resources. One of the important functions of the Board will be to examine the inter-relationship of intelligence programs and determine relative needs for coverage of particular intelligence objectives as between different sources or systems.

In formulating its recommendations, the Board will utilize USIB committees as well as my staff for National Intelligence Programs Evaluation, which will of course continue to work closely with the staff elements of the Defense Department responsible for the review and supervision of Defense Department intelligence programs.

My recommendations will be brought to you and the Secretary of Defense when and as formulated.


Richard Helms 2
  1. Source: Johnson Library, National Security File, Agency File, CIA, Vol. III. Secret.
  2. Printed from a copy that indicates Helms signed the original.