264. Memorandum From the Deputy Director for Plans of the Central Intelligence Agency (FitzGerald) to All Staff Chiefs and Division Chiefs1

DDP 7–1521


  • Guidelines on the Katzenbach Committee Report

The following guidelines will apply for CS operations in the light of the Katzenbach Report,2 the next couple of years:

The most sensitive area is that of U.S. educational institutions and U.S. students. Where absolutely necessary, contracts with U.S. universities may be made for research and other similar specific services either (a) overtly by the Agency, or (b) using the Department of Defense or a commercial entity as a cut-out. These contracts should be kept at an absolute minimum. If necessary and as a result of university rules, grants may be substituted for such contracts.
Although the basic rule is that any consenting adult may be used by the Agency, we should be particularly careful to exclude, wherever possible, U.S. students and U.S. university professors. If, in the recruitment process, any reluctance is shown on the part of the individual, drop the matter. This does not bar such relationships completely but very thoughtful consideration should be given before any approach is made to anyone within the student or professorial category. Any such arrangements must be passed on by the DDP.
We will, under no circumstances, publish books, magazines or newspapers in the U.S. Fallout in the U.S. from a foreign publication which we support is inevitable and consequently permissible. Should a defector publish a book in the U.S., he may do so on his own; publication will not be supported by CIA.

Covert relations with commercial U.S. organizations are not barred.

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“Twilight Zone” voluntary organizations, such as the Rand Corporation, Rotary, etc., are barred. This includes trade or professional associations.

When dealing on the edges of the Katzenbach rulings, and within the above guidelines, we should always pay particular heed to the price [Page 573] of disclosure, including careful consideration of the sensitivities of individuals involved.

When there is any doubt concerning the application of these guidelines—and there should be, often—consult with the DDP.

The following specific projects which fall in the gray area will have to be taken to the 303 Committee as soon as possible:

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The Katzenbach Committee, in reviewing our CA program, decided that certain of our activities must be discontinued and others must be transferred from CIA to public or legitimate private funding or, in some instances, a mix of public-private funding. Terminations and transfers must be accomplished, largely, by 31 December 1967. Each component will be provided with a specific listing of activities under its control which fall within the above guidelines.

Desmond FitzGerald
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, DDO/IMS Files, Job 78–06423A, US Govt-State Dept. Secret.
  2. See Document 260.