196. Memorandum From the Executive Secretary of the United States Intelligence Board (Lay) to the United States Intelligence Board 1



  • Reorganization of USIB


  • USIB-M-315, Item 1, 4 March 19642
As announced and explained by the Chairman of the USIB in the referenced minutes, the President has directed that the composition of the USIB will be as follows:
  • Director of Central Intelligence, Chairman
  • Deputy Director of Central Intelligence
  • Director of Intelligence and Research, Department of State
  • Director, Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Director, National Security Agency
  • A representative of the Atomic Energy Commission
  • A representative of the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
In accordance with the President’s directive, the above reorganization was put into effect at the close of the USIB meeting on 4 March 1964.
The Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) was also authorized to effect the changes in existing directives necessary to implement the President’s order. Appropriate amendments to National Security Council Intelligence Directive No. 1 will be issued shortly.3
In consultation with the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Director of Central Intelligence has approved the following arrangements and actions in order to accomplish the efficient implementation of this reorganization:
The Director, DIA, will represent on the USIB all elements of the Department of Defense (DOD) with the exception of the National Security Agency (NSA). However, the Military Departmental Intelligence Chiefs are invited and encouraged to attend as observers all USIB meetings which are of interest to them collectively or individually.
The intelligence chiefs of the military departments retain the right to express divergent or alternative views which they deem significant and to have such views footnoted in appropriate USIB documents such as National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs), Special National Intelligence Estimates (SNIEs), and Watch Committee reports. They are also encouraged to make such views known to the Board of National Estimates during the coordination of draft NIEs and SNIEs. To this end, the service intelligence chiefs will have access to the drafts of NIEs and similar USIB documents and their representatives may continue as active participants at the usual interagency sessions at the working level.
No immediate changes will be made in respect to DOD representation on USIB committees. The Director, DIA, intends to make recommendations to the DCI concerning DOD representation following discussions with the military departments on a committee-by-committee basis. Upon receipt of the DIA proposals the Chairman will then ask each of the committee chairmen for his suggestions. Meanwhile the USIB committees and working groups should retain their present membership.
Procedures are being initiated to permit the Director, DIA, to delegate to the service intelligence chiefs authority to continue existing arrangements for administration of certain sensitive security matters and for the releasing of certain classified information. This refers, for example, to such arrangements as are presently established by paragraph 28.a. of DCID No. 6/3.4 The Executive Secretary of the USIB has been directed to review with the DIA staff those arrangements and any other categories of intelligence which might be subject to the same delegation and to draft appropriate changes in the DCIDs.
It is not proposed to make any changes at this time in the distribution of USIB documents in connection with this reorganization. The Chairman, however, believes that it would be useful to have each member re-examine the distribution of USIB documents within his department or agency and he has directed the Executive Secretary to request such a review. This will be done in a separate memorandum.
The above information on the subject is circulated herewith for information and guidance of all concerned.
James S. Lay, Jr.
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