101. Editorial Note

On November 18, 1966, James Marsh of John W. Macy, Jr.’s Staff telephoned Warren Christopher, lawyer and State Department consult-ant, to “ascertain under what circumstances and for what types of positions he would be available.” When asked about the position of Deputy Under Secretary of State for Administration, which William Crockett was expected to vacate soon, Christopher responded as follows, according to Marsh’s memorandum for the record: “He said that, given the present leadership of the State Department, it was difficult to see how anyone could handle that post successfully. He believes that until the leadership at State (the Secretary and the Under Secretaries) is ready to correct the shortcoming of the Foreign Service, both as an instrument of policy and as a career system, no Deputy Under Secretary will be able to carry out his duties effectively. Further, Christopher stated that he was not convinced that the recent State Department appointments indicate any disposition by the President to see that these problems are faced.” (Johnson Library, Office Files of John Macy, Box 693, State-General-1966)