356. Editorial Note

President Johnson, Vice President Humphrey and four advisers (Lawrence O’Brien, Harold “Barefoot” Sanders, Joseph Califano, and Michael Mantoes) met with the Democratic Congressional leadership for a breakfast meeting lasting from 8:36 to 9:35 a.m. on September 19, 1967. The discussion related primarily to domestic legislation and politics. At the beginning of the meeting, Senator Mike Mansfield reported on his recent Asian trip and stated that “the Philippines are on the upgrade. They are doing a good job. They expect to get control of the Senate and Marcos is doing a good job.” Speaker of the House Carl Albert asked Mansfield about “Huk activity in the Philippines.” Mansfield responded, “there is not much.” Vice President Humphrey then asked if Marcos talked to Mansfield about civic action groups and engineer battalions. Mansfield replied, “yes, but most of the time was spent talking about rice, production, graft, corruption, and cleaning up the local situation.” The President remarked that he was “glad to hear that Marcos was friendly, because he had heard bad reports.” (Memorandum from Jones to Johnson, September 19; Johnson Library, Meeting Notes File, Sept. 19, 1967 Congressional Leadership Meeting)