294. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Ethiopia 1

1029. Joint State-Defense Message. Ambassador is authorized, at next opportunity, to inform HIM as follows:

The US has observed with appreciation and support the leadership which the Emperor and his country are exercising in African affairs and in providing for Ethiopian participation in international collective security efforts. The US is interested in Ethiopia’s further role in supporting such efforts and in continuing to assist the IEG in building an efficient army and air force capable of maintaining internal security and legitimate self-defense which would permit Ethiopia to participate as appropriate in defense of the area or in UN collective security arrangements and measures.
While in Washington, the Ambassador discussed fully the US military assistance program to Ethiopia. On the assumption that the USG and IEG share the same objectives, the US reiterates its firm resolve to continue to contribute, through its assistance program, to the improved capability and efficiency of the Ethiopian military forces.
To this end certain key items have already been expedited, including the shipment of ammunition by air and sea.
The US continues to operate under Congressional limitations in military assistance funds. To the extent funds are available, the US will continue to deliver items to equip a 40,000-man Ethiopian force when this force can, to the satisfaction of the MAAG, operate, utilize and maintain the equipment.
To assist in this aspect, the US is ready to accelerate training assistance to Ethiopia and in particular to continue the already successful MTT tactical training program, and to provide advisers for the IEG MOD.
The US is prepared to consider accelerating items already funded in approved programs, in accordance with current Ethiopian capabilities.
The US is examining the Ethiopian Air Force requirements and has determined thus far that planning may proceed on the basis of an additional F5 jet squadron of 12 F5 aircraft over the next several years subject to the Ethiopian ability to operate, maintain and utilize and the continued support of the F–86 and T–28D squadrons. CH MAAG will provide MOD with details.2

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, DEF 19 US–ETH. Secret. Drafted by Newsom, cleared by Colonel Junkermann in DOD/ISA and Christmas, and approved by Tasca. Repeated to Mogadiscio and CINCMEAFSA.
  2. In telegram 1303 from Addis Ababa, June 23, Korry stated that he had conveyed the contents of the telegram to Haile Selassie when he and General Paul Adams, Commander in Chief, Middle East/South Asia and Africa South of the Sahara (CINCMEAFSA), met with him on June 22. The Ambassador reported that General Adams discussed with the Emperor ways in which a reorganized U.S. MAAG could help improve the Ethiopian military establishment. (Ibid.)