293. Memorandum for the Record1


  • Military Assistance Objectives for Ethiopia

Ambassador Korry met with Mr. Sloan at 1730, 4 June, to discuss U.S. policy with respect to Ethiopia and particularly future military assistance plans for that country. Ambassador Korry pointed out that our present programs are based solely on assuring continued use of Kagnew. The Ethiopians recognize this and therefore continue to press for more assistance. Ambassador Korry thinks this situation will get worse instead of better and that even if we continue to raise the ante every time the Ethiopians press us, there will eventually come a time when this type of haggling will break down. Our relationship with Ethiopia will inevitably deteriorate unless we change the basis for our programming.

Ambassador Korry recommends that we base our program on the development of effective Ethiopian military forces which would be useful in United Nations operations such as the Congo and at the same time would satisfy the Emperor’s and the forward looking Ethiopian officers’ desires for effective forces. Ambassador Korry concedes that this change would probably cost more than we are presently putting into the program, but not more than we are going to have to pay if we continue as at present. I pointed out that such a change would require a change in the [Page 511] national policy paper with respect to Ethiopia and also in the military assistance objectives as stated in the Military Assistance Manual. At present, there is nothing in the Manual which relates to effective forces and there has never been any military justification for military assistance to Ethiopia.

Mr. Sloan directed that the NESA Region, in conjunction with CINCSTRIKE and ODMA, review the guidance for Ethiopia in light of Ambassador Korry’s recommendations and, if appropriate, recommend changes.

In case, however, that the State Department will not accede to such changes, Mr. Sloan directed that the Region develop recommendations for a minimum program that would at least temporarily satisfy Ethiopian demands.

Wm. M. Leffingwell 2
Deputy Director of Military Assistance
  1. Source: Washington National Records Center, RG 330, OASD/ISA Files: FRC 68 A 306, 091.3 Ethiopia. Confidential. Drafted on June 5 by William M. Leffingwell, Deputy Director of Military Assistance in DOD/ISA. Copies were sent to Sloan and General Wood in DOD/ISA, Ambassador Korry, and to the Offices of Plans and Programs and NESA Region in ISA.
  2. Printed from a copy that indicates Leffingwell signed the original.