75. Central Intelligence Agency Information Report1

TDCS–3/465, 477, Field Report [text not declassified]


  • Congo Security Report on Death of Lumumba

1. Two security officers who went Elisabethville 10–14 Feb for purpose investigating death of Lumumba returned Leopoldville 14 Feb and reported they had seen and identified body of Lumumba and his two companions. Bodies were rather badly mutilated and showed evidence of having been dead some time. They could not determine from superficial examination exactly what was direct cause death but they did not notice gun shot wounds.

2. Security officers said no one believes legend of victims having been massacred by villagers 12 February.

3. Field dissem: CINCLANT

End of message.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency Files, Job 79–00149A, DDO/IMS Files, African Division, Senate Select Committee, Volume II, Box 23, Folder 1. Secret; Noforn; Continued Control; Routine.