50. Editorial Note

In telegram 0478 to the Central Intelligence Agency, December 17, 1960, the Station in Leopoldville reported that WIROGUE, an unidentified asset of the Congo Station, had arrived in Leopoldville on December 2. (Central Intelligence Agency Files, Job 86B00975R, Box 2, Folder 23, Review Staff Files, Assassinations, Vol. II)

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[text not declassified] Envision use as utility agent such as (1) organizing and conducting surveillance team (2) interception of pouches (3) blowing up bridges and/or (4) executing other assignments requiring positive action.” (Ibid., Job 79–00149A, DDO/IMS Files, Box 23, Folder 1, Africa Division, Senate Select Committee, Volume II) In its December 17 telegram, the Station reported that WIROGUE had offered QJWIN, a CIA agent then in Leopoldville, “three hundred dollars per month to participate in intel net and be member ‘execution squad.’” QJWIN responded that he was not interested. The Station commented that it was “concerned by WIROGUE free wheeling and lack security. Station has enough headaches without worrying about agent who not able handle finances and who not willing follow instructions. If Hqs desires, willing keep him on probation, but if continue have difficulties, believe WIROGUE recall best solution.”

In 1975 the Church Committee investigated the possibility that WIROGUE’s reference to an “execution squad” was connected to the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, but the committee was unable to substantiate such a connection. A March 14, 1975, CIA memorandum for the record (responding to the CIA Inspector General’s request for information on WIROGUE) stated that a search of available documents did not clarify the matter to any great extent. (Ibid., Job 80B00910A, Box 18, Folder 11, Homicides—Lumumba, Patrice, Tab 6)

In a memorandum for the record dated June 20, 1975, another CIA official stated that he had briefed WIROGUE prior to his dispatch to Leopoldville, where WlROGUE was to be available to the Station for paramilitary activities. The official noted that WlROGUE had not followed instructions and had become a handling problem; eventually he had been returned to the United States. The official stated that neither WIROGUE nor QJWIN was in any way involved in Lumumba’s arrest and subsequent assassination. (Ibid., Tab 4) For official testimony concerning WIROGUE and QJWIN in the Congo, see Interim Report, pages 37–48.