466. Memorandum From the Chief of the Africa Division, Directorate of Plans, Central Intelligence Agency (Fields) to the Deputy Director for Plans, Central Intelligence Agency (FitzGerald)1


  • Termination of Project [cryptonym not declassified]

1. It is requested that Project [cryptonym not declassified] be formally terminated effective 30 June 1965 [1966?].

2. The primary objective of Project [cryptonym not declassified], from 1 July 1962 to termination, was to promote political stability in the Congo by strengthening moderate political elements. This objective was pursued through funding of key assets who could provide a political action capability at the national level.

3. This request for termination is, in a sense, a product of Project [cryptonym not declassified] success. ODACID and KUBARK believe it is no longer necessary to engage in the large-scale political funding authorized by Project [cryptonym not declassified]. The objectives of promoting stability and moderation remain the same, but the means needed to pursue these objectives are now different.

4. All commitments and quit claims have been settled.

5. [dollar amount not declassified] was approved for Project [cryptonym not declassified] for FY 1965. [dollar amount not declassified] was actually spent. [dollar amount not declassified] was turned back to Africa Division funds. There are no residual assets, funds or personnel to be disposed of as a result of this project termination. KUBARK continues to have an operational relationship with selected assets previously funded under Project [cryptonym not declassified]. The purpose of such association is now primarily for collection of foreign intelligence information and to maintain an equity for the future; not for political action.

6. There is no risk to KUBARK or other ODYOKE elements in the termination of this project.

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7. There are no special costs involved in terminating this project.

8. No additional funds are needed to liquidate this project.

Glenn D. Fields 2
Chief, Africa Division
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency Files, Job 78–00435R, DDO/ISS Files, Box 1, Folder 1, [cryptonym not declassified]—Development & Plans. Secret.
  2. [name not declassified] signed for Fields above Fields’ typed signature.