422. Telegram From the Station in the Congo to the Central Intelligence Agency1

0404 (In 27046). Ref Leop 0403 (In 26995).2

1. [COS] had exceptional frank and friendly conversation with [Mobutu] when he obtained ref info. [Mobutu] greatly concerned by [Identity 1/Identity 2] conflict and appears be doing everything possible to avoid open break. At previous meeting on 4 Aug [Mobutu] complained that his efforts to achieve a political compromise were complicated by fact [Identity 2] is tribalist and thus does not see consequences of open break with [Identity 1] and [Identity 1] is untrustworthy person who promises one thing and does another. In support of latter statement, [Mobutu] noted at very time [Identity 1] was using [Mobutu] as intermediary with [Identity 2] and promising support latter’s candidacy for presidency, he was also promising support [cryptonym not declassified] candidly [candidacy].3

2. Of all the [cryptonym not declassified] Leop regards [Mobutu] as being far the best person to try to achieve a political entente.

3. [COS] will see [Mobutu] soonest after he returns from Albv [Albertville] night 7 Aug. Will advise.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency Files, [text not declassified], Mobutu, Vol. III. Secret; [cryptonym not declassified]; Priority. Received at 1015Z.
  2. Not found.
  3. In telegram 0497 from Leopoldville to CIA, August 10, Devlin reported that Godley was strongly opposed to Tshombe’s request that the U.S. Government support him unconditionally. (Central Intelligence Agency Files, Job [text not declassified], Fiche 47, Row 3, Frame 5, [text not declassified])