369. Memorandum for the Record1


  • Discussion with the President on Saturday, 12 December

In addition to personal [personnel?] matters, covered in a separate memo, the following subjects were discussed:

1. The Congo. I told the President that I felt the Tshombe Government might be in real trouble because of assistance given to the rebels by a number of South African countries, including Algeria, UAR, Ghana, etc. as well as Communist China and possibly the Soviet Union. This assistance was taking the form of financial aid, military equipment and possibly mercenaries. I indicated that concurrently Tshombe’s forces were disintegrating somewhat as mercenary strength was only now about one-half of the peak and air support had reduced substantially. I predicted that we might begin to see Tshombe’s forces lose their ground, conceivably Stanleyville and Paulis could be retaken by the rebels and the situation would worsen in the months ahead.

I raised the question of our aid to countries, i.e., military air, grants and loans, PL–480 and Peace Corps aid and then witness the countries opposing a legitimate government and criticizing the U.S. policies. The President asked for a report on aid given these countries and the critical statements and positions taken by their leaders.

Action: This report has been prepared and submitted to the President on December 17th.

[Omitted here is discussion of unrelated subjects.]

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency Files, DCI/McCone Files, Job 80B01285A, DCI Meetings with the President, 01 October–31 December 1964. Secret; Eyes Only. Drafted by McCone on December 17.