354. Memorandum Prepared in the White House Situation Room for the President’s Special Assistant for National Security Affairs (Bundy)1

This is a telecon with DCM Blake in Leo at 8:45, Number 7.

Clingerman in Stanleyville advises all Americans contained on special lists of Americans in Stanleyville area have now been located and are safe with the exception of (a) the Loewen family who are presumed O.K. and have not yet been picked up since they live out of town, and (b) the two killed in action. Except for the two big dramas, the casualties have been limited. Apparently when the paras started coming and the Simbas heard the shooting, they began to herd Europeans to the hotel. When the group of 250 being herded to Lumumba Square realized what was happening, they broke and dispersed and went over the wall. Casualties were those hit trying to get over the wall. Contrary to CBS 8:00 reports, there is no real fighting in the airport area. Very few Congolese casualties. About 30 Simba dead observed so far. No major killing of Congolese civilians. Two ANC’s dead. None of the rebel leaders caught so far. Wounded Congolese being evacuated by C–130 to Leo. City being sectored with Belgian paras operating one area for evacuation and Van der Walle another area for cleanup, with Belgians moving back more and more toward the airport. Stiff fighting still going on in European residential areas. At rough estimate, 35–40 foreigners still unaccounted for. Apparently some rebels have escaped to NE but no mass exodus. Although move to take European hostages into bush began several days ago, few, if any, actually taken away. All wounded due out tonight. About 200 evacuees awaiting transportation at Stanleyville airport now. 350 taken out so far today. 350 more expected out before the end of today. Planes being used in shifts to rest crews. Lumumba Square incidents—when Simbas heard the firing of paras coming into town, they began herding foreigners out of houses toward Lumumba Wall for execution. When foreigners realized what was happening, they broke and dispersed, going over a nearby wall. Those who got over wall found themselves safe in hands of paras; those wounded and killed were hit trying to get over the wall. Paras sticking solely to humanitarian mission with Van der Walle and paras’ operations strictly separate. Leo will give us another report just before noon [Page 515] briefing here. Also checking earliest possible estimates as to when Stanleyville will be cleared up re evacuation and also what is happening to foreigners outside Stanleyville and whether evacuation operations throughout NE will be necessary.

  1. Source: Johnson Library, National Security File, Country File, Congo, Vol. VIII, Memos & Miscellaneous, 11/64. Confidential. No drafting information appears on the memorandum. A handwritten notation states that it was relayed to the President’s Special Assistant, Jack Valenti, and Press Secretary George Reedy at the LBJ Ranch.