234. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in the Congo1

418. Stan Consular Staff. There follow some suggestions which Emb should explore and comment upon.

1. We need counter hostages. Can GOC (perhaps Nendaka) put under protective surveillance any relatives of rebel leaders such as Olenga (if he is still alive) Soumialot, or any others whom Emb believes may be influential there. It might be possible grab some important rebel leaders in Leo or Bukavu for this purpose.

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2. Explore with Yugoslav Mission Leo whether it has any way of reaching rebels and would it be willing act as intermediary for purpose extricating Hoyt and staff.

3. Indian and Greek missions may have connections with their respective communities in Stan. There is no reason to believe that rebels are immune to carrots that attract other Congolese. In this connection has Alhadeff any ideas?

4. We have considered asking Nkrumah to act as intermediary. This idea temporarily held in abeyance due 1) possibility Quashie may be PNGed and 2) probability that he would try expand his role from extrication of Hoyt to full scale mediation between GOC and rebels.

We are going to approach Aboud (Sudan) (see separate tel)2 in whose case these drawbacks are not present.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1964–66, POL 23–9 THE CONGO. Confidential; Immediate. Drafted by O’Sullivan; cleared by Fredericks, Tasca, and Grant; and approved by O’Sullivan. Repeated to Brussels.
  2. Not identified.