232. Memorandum From the Acting Chief of the Africa Division, Directorate of Plans, Central Intelligence Agency (Waller) to Director of Central Intelligence McCone1


  • Special Group (CI) Meeting

1. The following is for the information of the Director of Central Intelligence.

2. Attached hereto is a summary of the report given by Governor G. Mennen Williams, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, based on his recent trip to Leopoldville.2

3. The following are the highlights of the Special Group (CI) meeting of 21 August:

A. There is an urgent need for an analysis of the extent and importance of the Chinese Communist assistance to the Congo rebels. Mr. McCone stated he could have a report on this subject available by this afternoon.

B. One of the most important danger spots in the Congo is Leopoldville itself where CNL rebels have been reported planning terrorist activities.

C. CIA will make every effort to provide maintenance for the aircraft being [less than 1 line not declassified] through the hiring of non-military contract personnel. If, however, CIA finds itself unable to recruit adequately qualified maintenance personnel, it can call upon the Department of Defense to provide military personnel, recognizing that it is important to keep the total number of military personnel in Leopoldville to a minimum. U.S. Air Force aircraft maintenance personnel now in the Congo to service the three B–26K’s supplied by the Air Force may remain as long as necessary to train non-military personnel.3

D. The lives of five American Consular Officials in Stanleyville are in danger. Everything possible should be done to effect their release. CIA on a priority basis is currently exploring the feasibility of a covert rescue operation. Ambassador Godley should respond strongly to the [Page 339] most recent and threatening communication from the rebel leader, “General” Olenga, in Stanleyville. E. U.S. approach to the Congo should be:

(1) Advance the Africanization of the Congo problem by quiet diplomacy, but not by publicity or public discussion. In other words, do not “Americanize the Africanization.”

(2) To provide a “cutting edge” necessary for military victories, the U.S. should encourage the use of a requisite number of mercenaries. But ostensibly the Belgians should be kept out in front in this and other military matters. The U.S. military contribution should be confined mainly to air support.

John H. Waller
Acting Chief, Africa Division
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency Files, DCI/McCone Files, Job 80B01285A, Box 2, DCI (McCone) Memos for the Record, 08 Jul–10 Sept 64. Secret. Sent through the Acting Deputy Director for Plans.
  2. Not attached.
  3. On August 24, the 303 Committee approved a proposal to expand its support of Congolese air operations. (Central Intelligence Agency Files, DCI/McCone Files, Job 80B01285A, 303 Committee Meetings (1964))