228. Circular Telegram From the Department of State to Certain Posts1

322. Re Leo’s 609 and Brazza’s 140.2 Tshombe Retaliation. You should tell Tshombe ASAP that expulsion of citizens Congo (B), Burundi, Mali and Rwandans of Tutsi origin should be cancelled in his own personal and governmental interest. It will bring retaliation which GOC (L) cannot afford, in case Tutsis will complicate problem of Kayibanda who has given Congo real support with use of Kamembe airport (without which defense of Bukavu never could have been undertaken) and worst of all will be interpreted as sign of frustration and weakness throughout Africa.

If Tshombe does not agree to cancel or substantially modify expulsion orders you should tell press upon your departure that you have called upon Tshombe to protest these un-African actions which will only worsen lot of innocent Africans.

For Brazza, Kigali, and Bamako: You may inform Fonoff after receiving Leo’s report of action taken.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1964–66, POL 23–9 THE CONGO. Confidential; Immediate. Drafted by O’Sullivan, cleared by Albert V. Nyren in AFW and Harriman, and approved by Fredericks. Sent to Leopoldville and repeated to Paris, Brussels, USUN, Brazzaville, Dakar, Tananarive, Monrovia, CINCSTRIKE, Bujumbura, Kigali, and Bamako.
  2. Telegram 609 from Leopoldville, August 19, reported that Tshombe’s order expelling all nationals of Burundi and Congo-Brazzaville also applied to Mali and Rwandans of Tutsi origin. (Ibid.) Telegram 140 from Brazzaville, August 19, warned that the expulsion of Congo-Brazzaville nationals would bring about retaliatory acts against Congo-Leopoldville nationals, and suggested that heavy U.S. pressure be brought to bear on Tshombe to cease bellicose statements and not act intemperately. (Ibid.)