218. Memorandum for the Record1


  • Minutes of the Meeting of the 303 Committee


  • Mr. Bundy, Mr. George C. Denney, Jr., Mr. Vance, and Mr. McCone
  • Governor Harriman and Mr. Glenn Fields were present for Items 1 and 2
  • General Wheeler was present for all items

1. Congo

a. In regard to the Congo proposal (“Covert Support for Moise Tshombe and Selected Congolese Leaders for Restoration of Order in the Congo” dated 12 August 1964),2 Governor Harriman indicated there were some questions in Ambassador Godley’s mind about the uses of funds and felt that the ambassador’s approval should be obtained. Mr. McCone indicated that he thought Ambassador Godley could be made to see the urgent need for this assistance. Mr. Bundy summarized the points of view by saying that the proposal was considered approved with Ambassador Godley retaining the right to review and raise any questions now or later in regard to these expend-itures. Mr. Fields added that this had been the current procedure in Leopoldville.3

b. Governor Harriman then requested that the Agency [2 lines not declassified]. Any assistance that could be proffered in Rwanda would be appreciated as well, Governor Harriman indicated.

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c. Mr. McCone outlined for those present some of the psywar type projects presently under way or contemplated for the Congo. [4½ lines not declassified]

d. Mr. Denney underscored the serious problems of the introduction of any number of South African or Rhodesian white mercenaries into the Congo if this should be publicized.

[Omitted here is discussion of other matters.]

Peter Jessup
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency Files, DCI (McCone) Files, Job 80B01285A, 303 Committee Meetings (1964). Secret; Eyes Only. Drafted by Peter Jessup of the NSC Staff on August 14.
  2. The prososal requested authority to provide covert financial and other support to Tshombe and certain key politicians in the form of a fund to be used periodically as and when needed for assuring tribal support in critical areas to Tshombe and certain other leaders. It also would be used to fill the gap between the hiring and paying of white “Military Technicians” who were prepared to offer their services to the GOC. The total cost was estimated at [dollar amount not declassified]. (National Security Council, Intelligence Files, Congo, 1960–1965)
  3. McCone’s record of this meeting indicates that he protested Harriman’s suggestion that Godley should have veto power over the uses of funds, and that it had been agreed that any proposed action not agreed to by Godley would be submitted to Washington for review and consideration by State and CIA at headquarters level. (Central Intelligence Agency Files, DCI (McCone) Files, Job 80B01285A, 303 Committee Meetings (1964))