146. Telegram From the Station in the Congo to the Central Intelligence Agency1

7194 (In 58893). Ref A. Dir 36205;2 B. Dir 39113.3

1. Have discussed refs with [Gullion] and upshot is view that [Identity 1], despite his well-known shortcomings has repeat has succeeded in thwarting parliament by his tactic of taking them by turns into the government, and is probably the best man for the job available in this country. [Gullion] reluctant to contemplate period of rule by reinforced army a la Rhee.4 Recent election of Grenfell in Stanleyville is evidence of extremist potential, thus believe would be mistake sit back and let nature take its course. This was in fact the policy of the GOC with respect to the election for presidency of Haut Congo Province. Thus conclude that Station should make a significant financial contribution to [Identity 1] current effort to establish a new national party based on a relatively moderate African national platform broadly responsive to ODYOKE interests, with roots in all provinces.

2. [2½ lines not declassified]

3. However, we have reservations concerning the extent to which the Belgians will be willing to make the necessary concessions to the letter of African nationalism, particularly as the Belgians most directly concerned with covert political operations are likely to be of the Societe Generale stamp.

4. Re the [less than 1 line not declassified], recent evidence indicates that [Identity 1] is again drawing close to them, and we believe it would be a mistake to withdraw our support at this juncture, if, in the course of the actual party congress, other moderate figures emerge to take charge of the key posts, we can still exercise the option of withdrawing our support, yielding to Belgian influence, [less than 1 line not declassified].

5. As reported in [less than 1 line not declassified]5 [Identity1] has apparently decided to launch an entirely new party, the name of which (Mouvement Populaire Congolais) he reportedly decided on himself. His plan is said to be to make political soundings in all the provinces, [Page 209] hold a National Party Congress in the course of the next few weeks, and then arrange for a series of friendly parties to fuse with his party. [Identity 2] and [Identity 1] claim that parties which are expected to merge with the MPC are the PDC (Anany) (also Kanany): the Parti de Reconstruction Nationale (Manzikala): Cerea (Miruho and Rudahindwa). Encouraging conversations have reportedly been held with Interior Minister Maboti and Emile Zola. [Identity 3] states that Bolikango represents a force in Lisala which cannot be ignored. Nyembo and Yav are said to be in favor of the[Identity 1] idea. [Identity 1] reportedly intends the MPC to have a revolutionary platform designed to preempt the nationalist area now claimed by the MNC/L.

6. To date we have not discussed with [Identity 1] the plans ascribed to him, and we would as a first and precautionary step, do so promptly upon receipt of a favorable response from HQS to this cable. To date we can only report that [Identity 1] recently demonstrated an active and interested awareness of our plan to bring a political party adviser to Leopoldville on 17 June.

7. If HQS agrees, we would stress the following points in our talks with [Identity 1] on this subject:

A. The importance of establishing party units at the local level in all districts of the Congo, and in all significant institutions in the urban areas, such as the trade unions, student organizations, chambers of commerce, together with a special propaganda campaign directed at the army. A dialogue should also be established with the church organizations.

B. An effective press and publicity section should be organized at once.

C. A provisional National Party Committee should be appointed by [Identity 1], including the designation of a treasurer through whom all receipts and disbursements must pass.

C. A forceful political and economic program should be drawn up, including plans for a public works program and a program for constitutional reform permitting the establishment of a strong executive with an assured term of four years.

D. A fund-raising campaign should be initiated, canvassing business and industry, and collecting dues from party members, [1 line not declassified] and other well-wishers.

E. Set up a membership committee to keep out extremist elements who might try to take over the party later on.

F. Plan for the participation of the ANC in supervision of the polling places to ensure honest outcome.

G. Study ways of limiting the number of parties which may compete in the national elections (but not set up a one-party system), [Page 210] perhaps by requiring a certain number of signatures from each province.

H. An independent auditor should be appointed to control mismanagement of funds.

8. Station would appreciate early reaction to above proposal, since local politicoes already beginning to look ahead actively toward elections, and are beginning to press for financial aid; e.g. Miruho, Anekonzapa, [Identity 3] and [Identity 2] and we would like to exercise this leverage to force such applicants to turn to the MPC for their money. This policy naturally would not preclude our disbursing small amounts for purely informational purposes.

9. Station not proposing detailed budget at this time, but if authorized would draw up breakdown by categories of activity, and also a breakdown on installment plan, to retain control.

10. [Identity 3] now pressing for [amount not declassified] to enable Engulu to visit all provincial presidents to line up support for MPC. [Identity 3] claims Engulu best man for this job view his role in recent provincial presidents conference in Coquilhatville.

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  4. Syngman Rhee of South Korea.
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