13. Editorial Note

In telegram 0806 from Leopoldville to the Central Intelligence Agency, August 25, 1960, the Station reported that President Kasavubu had been approached at the time of the Force Publique mutiny by anti-Lumumba leaders with a plan to assassinate Lumumba. Kasavubu had refused, saying that he was reluctant to resort to violence and that there was no other leader with sufficient stature to replace Lumumba. However, in telegram 0844 to the Central Intelligence Agency, August 30, the Station reported that it had learned indirectly [text not declassified] that Kasavubu had agreed to support a legal move in the Senate to oust Lumumba. Kasavubu said that he “feels Lumumba too far out of line and must go” and he “must have replacement govt ready when Senate topples L[umumba]”; he planned to name Adoula premier of the new government. (Central Intelligence Agency Files, Job 78–00435R, DDO/ISS Files, Box 1, Folder 3, [cryptonym not declassified] Ops)

The Station also reported that it had prepared a proposed implementation program, including parliamentary moves, plans to avoid police or army intervention, and propaganda-type activities for [name not declassified] consideration as he planned to take over the government. But [name not declassified] wanted to act immediately “as political pressure building up and wants take advantage anti-Lumumba feeling. Also afraid K[asavubu] might weaken and withdraw offer support [Page 22] opposition. Station torn between desire implement detailed program leaving little as possible to chance and need strike when iron hot.” The Station noted that the Ambassador had been fully briefed. (Ibid.) In telegram 48153 to Leopoldville, August 31, the CIA responded that the situation was such that the Station should support [text not declassified] fast action. (Ibid.)