94. Summary of Actions1



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Subject Matter: Presentation of background material relevant to detection and identification of underground nuclear tests and consideration of possible modifications in the U.S. position on a treaty prohibiting or limiting such tests.

Summary of Conclusions and Desired Actions (As stated by Secretary Rusk):

For the time being our basic position on a comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty should not be changed. (In the context of the meeting it was clear that it was not the Secretary’s intention to preclude the possibility of the number of inspections being reduced or the modalities of inspection changes in the light of technical progress, but rather to indicate that we should continue to hold that any new treaty or modification of the present treaty would have to include provision in it for adequate verification.)
We should welcome any indication from the Soviet Union of its willingness to consider seriously a treaty in which there was adequate provision for verification.
We should indicate willingness to engage in technical discussion with the Soviet Union on the question of detection and identification capabilities.
We should be willing, to the extent that security considerations permit, to make available to interested countries (presumably particularly at the ENDC) information on recent and prospective progress in detecting and identifying seismic events.

In conclusion, Secretary Rusk suggested that he and Mr. Fisher get together to explore what further steps should be taken over a longer (than ENDC) time scale in reviewing the U.S. position on a comprehensive test ban treaty.

  1. Source: Johnson Library, National Security File, Subject File, Disarmament, Committee of Principals, Vol. 2, Box 14. Secret. Drafted by George W. Rathjens (ACDA/D), August 28, 1965. The meeting was held in the Secretary of State’s office.
  2. Not printed.