81. Letter From President Johnson to the Chairman of the President’s Advisory Committee on Foreign Assistance Programs (Perkins)1

Dear Jim:

Many thanks for your letter enclosing your Committee’s final report on development assistance.2

I know that a great deal of time, talent, and hard work went into this effort. You and your distinguished colleagues have performed a valuable public service—in the interest of our own security and of the hopes of millions of people around the world who seek a better life.

I have asked Secretary Rusk, Secretary Clifford, Aid Administrator Gaud and Budget Director Zwick to go over your proposals and give me [Page 232]their comments. I will be most pleased to pass on the Committee’s report and our appraisal of it to the next Administration. I believe it will be an important contribution to the deliberations ahead on the future of foreign aid.

I deeply appreciate your personal leadership in the work of the Committee.

With warm personal regards,


  1. Source: Johnson Library, Edward R. Fried Files, Chron File, Box 3. No classification marking. Drafted by President Johnson, Edward R. Fried, and Roger P. Morris.
  2. See Document 79.
  3. Printed from an unsigned copy.