375. Memorandum From President Johnson to the Director of the White House Office of Emergency Preparedness (Daniel)1


  • National Stockpile Criteria

I have reviewed with the National Security Council2 the final report of the Special Committee on Stockpile Objectives.3 In view of the unanimous recommendation of all members of the Committee and of the NSC, I approve the recommendations contained in the report with respect to conventional and nuclear war objectives.

In the establishment of new conventional war objectives, sources of emergency supply may include those Free World nations listed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of Defense, as being militarily accessible, subject to discounts supplied by the Joint Chiefs of Staff for possible losses in transit, discounts by the Department of State based on political and economic reliability, and discounts by the Office of Emergency Preparedness based on other national security considerations. However, as a retention safety factor, stockpile objectives shall not be less than the U.S. import requirements from sources other than Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean area for the first year of the assumed emergency period.

At the earliest opportunity after Congress reconvenes, I direct that you, the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff brief the Armed Services Committees of the House and Senate on the results of this four-year study and the application of the present criteria for arriving at stockpile objectives.

Lyndon B. Johnson
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