202. Memorandum From President Johnson to the Director of the White House Office of Emergency Planning (McDermott)1


  • National Stockpiles

I have had an opportunity to review the materials which you prepared last month summarizing significant developments during the past two years and setting forth two basic questions in the handling of the national stockpiles.2

With regard to the question of whether the stockpile objectives for the various items should be based on criteria which assumes the availability of materials from friendly nations not contiguous to the United States in developing new objectives I believe it is desirable to remain with the present criteria which includes as emergency sources of supply only those which are domestic or from contiguous countries. I understand that this will in no way affect the disposal program as recommended by the Executive Stockpile Committee. Should it become clear that application [Page 561] of this criteria requires new acquisition of materials now in the stockpile inventory, please bring this to my immediate attention.

With regard to basic guidelines in disposing of surplus materials, existing practices should be continued, namely, that disposals are to be made only when this can be done without serious disruption of domestic or foreign markets and after proper evaluation of international considerations. The general procedural machinery established for making these determinations now in effect appears to be appropriate and desirable, and should also be continued.

Lyndon B. Johnson
  1. Source: Department of State, S/S–NSC Files: Lot 72 D 318. No classification marking. The source text is Attachment B to Document 370.
  2. These materials have not been found.