167. National Security Action Memorandum No. 3241


  • Secretary of State
  • Secretary of the Treasury
  • Secretary of Defense
  • Secretary of the Interior
  • Secretary of Agriculture
  • Secretary of Commerce
  • Secretary of Labor
  • Director of Central Intelligence
  • President, Export-Import Bank


  • Special Presidential Committee on U.S. Trade Relations with Eastern European Countries and the Soviet Union

The President has appointed a Special Committee, under the Chairmanship of Mr. J. Irwin Miller, to examine U.S. trade relations with the countries of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. The Committee is to explore all aspects of the question of expanding peaceful trade in support of the President’s policy of widening our relations with these countries.

In addition to Mr. Miller, the members of the Committee are:

  • Mr. Eugene R. Black
  • Mr. William Blackie
  • Mr. George R. Brown
  • Mr. Charles W. Engelhard, Jr.
  • Mr. James B. Fisk
  • Mr. Nathaniel Goldfinger
  • Mr. Crawford Greenewalt
  • Mr. William A. Hewitt
  • Dr. Max F. Millikan
  • Mr. Charles G. Mortimer
  • Dr. Herman B. Wells

Mr. Edward R. Fried will serve as Executive Secretary to the Committee and will be on detail for this purpose.

The list of members, other than Mr. Miller, has not yet been announced and hence should be treated as privileged.

The Committee will rely on the Government for the preparation of material and briefings. The President has asked that all agencies of the [Page 485] Government be prepared to assist the Committee in carrying out its assignment.

McGeorge Bundy
  1. Source: Johnson Library, National Security File, NSAM File, NSAM 324, Box 6. Secret. An attached March 9 note from Bator to Buddy reads: “If you think it appropriate, would you sign?”