109. Editorial Note

The Development Assistance Committee held its fourth annual high-level meeting in Paris July 22–23, 1965. AID Administrator David E. Bell headed the U.S. Delegation. The briefing book prepared for the meeting, which includes a draft agenda, list of delegates, a statement of U.S. aims, Chairman Thorp’s draft report of June 24 (DAC(65)18), other DAC working party papers relating to improvement of the common assistance effort, and briefing and other papers, is in the Washington National Records Center, RG 286, DAC Material: FRC 70 A 5922, DAC—Ministerial Meeting—Paris, July, 1965. A “condensed” briefing book is ibid. “Notes on DAC Ministerial Meeting,” an 18-page, unofficial record prepared by Arvin M. Kramish (PC/FWA) on August 13, is ibid., AID Administrator Files: FRC 69 A 1866, PRM 7–1, Development Assistance Committee, FY 1966.

In identical letters to Representative Thomas E. Morgan, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and to Senator J. William Fulbright, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, both dated August 17, Bell summarized the two resolutions adopted at the meeting and pointed to the “significant progress being made in the efforts, which have been so strongly recommended and supported by the Congress, to encourage other developed nations to increase the amounts and to soften the terms of the aid which they provide.” (Ibid.)

For the summary of this meeting, sent in CEDTO A–88 from Paris, August 3, see Document 110.