87. Memorandum From the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Secretary of Defense McNamara0



  • Increase in Authorized MAP Force Basis for Cambodian Forces (U)
Reference is made to a memorandum by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (ISA), dated 13 June 1962, requesting recommendations with respect to the above subject.1
The Joint Chiefs of Staff consider that there is a valid military requirement for additional units to be deployed to the northeast area of Cambodia. The US Government should therefore approve an increase in MAP support to include a total of 3184 people at a cost of about $1.5 million, subject to the conditions outlined below.
This increase would include one additional frontier battalion, strength 550, three additional infantry battalions, strength 570 each, and the addition of 924 people to existing units. The plan should not be implemented in one package, but rather should include a phased increase. The first phase of support would include an increase in strength of the existing units (924 personnel), the addition of the frontier battalion (already authorized for FY 63), and one additional infantry battalion. This increase should be subject to the following conditions:
That the RKG scrupulously observe the provisions of the Military Assistance Agreement of 1955, particularly that portion which granted full authority of advisory personnel to enable them to follow the execution of the program of assistance, including utilization of the assistance furnished, and to report thereon on a continuing basis.
The RKG would furnish pay, allowances and subsistence support.
New units should be employed in accordance with a Forces Royaume Armes Khmer (FARK) prepared plan approved by CHMAAG and CINCPAC.
FARK redeploy one or more existing battalions now in the interior of Cambodia to the northeast area.
Upon evidence of real determination to fight the communists and observance of the above-stated conditions, the second frontier battalion and two additional infantry battalions should be funded in FY 64.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff have noted with concern the unrest in Thailand over the settlement of the Preah Vihear temple issue with Cambodia. An increase of MAP support to Cambodia in the near future, considering this unrest, could be misunderstood and jeopardize US–Thailand relations.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff recommend that the MAP support of Cambodia to effect an increase of about 3184 people, at a cost of about $1.5 million, be approved and plans be made accordingly. However, in view of the tensions in present Cambodia–Thailand relations, it is recommended that the implementation of expansion plans be held in abeyance until the relations between Cambodia and Thailand are improved.
For the Joint Chiefs of Staff:
L.L. Lemnitzer
Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff
  1. Source: Washington National Records Center, RG 330, OASD/ISA Files: FRC 67 A 4564, Cambodia 091.3 MAP. Secret.
  2. In this memorandum, William Bundy stated that, in view of Department of State and White House interest in the subject, he requested the views of the JCS. (Ibid.)