361. Telegram From the Embassy in the Philippines to the Department of State0

323. For McConaughy. From at least two sources we have report that President Garcia has been advised that Congress failed act on War Damage Bill because of national elections scheduled November. One report went further to indicate that President had been told that all US aid was being slowed down until after elections and that if Liberals won we would undertake extensive aid program in Phils. Source of report on War Damage Bill seems to have been Elizalde in New York partly at least to discredit Romulo.

Would like to pass word quietly to President Garcia that report without foundation and that delay in approval of bill entirely result of congressional pressure for adjournment. Before doing so however would appreciate confirmation that Phil elections had no bearing in congressional decision.1

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 211.9641/9–1861. Secret; [distribution indicator not declassified].
  2. In telegram 299 to Manila, September 19, the Department reported that, as far as it could ascertain, failure of the House Rules Committee to report out the War Damage Bill was not related to the Philippine election campaign. At Mein’s discretion, he could so inform Garcia, but should not give assurances that postponement was caused exclusively by congressional adjournment pressures. The Department had intimations that postponement was influenced by reservations that a few members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee had, but could not predict if these reservations would affect the progress of the bill during the next session. (Ibid.)