173. Editorial Note

Under Secretary Bowles met with Subandrio in Bowles’ office at 3:45 p.m. on April 24, 1961, and with President Sukarno, Leimena, Subandrio, and others at the Mayflower Hotel at 6 p.m. Both conversations were more general than Sukarno’s discussion with President Kennedy (see Document 172). (Memorandum of conversations, April 24; Department of State, Central Files, 798.00/4–2461) On April 25, Sukarno and his party returned to the White House for a brief farewell ceremony from 10:15 to 10:38 a.m. The Indonesians then departed the South Grounds of the White House via helicopter for the airport. (Kennedy Library, President’s Appointment Book)

On May 2, Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles sent Chester Clifton a report of Sukarno’s reaction to his visit with President Kennedy. There was unanimous agreement among Sukarno’s entourage that the two Presidents “got along well together” and that Sukarno was [Page 391] impressed with Kennedy. Although the talks fell short of Indonesian expectations on West Irian (West New Guinea), the door had been left open for further discussions. There was little expectation that Sukarno planned closer alignment with the Soviet Union. (Memorandum from Dulles to Clifton with attached report, May 2; ibid., President’s Office Files, Countries, Indonesia—Security, Sukarno Visit, 4/24/61–4/25/61)