58. Editorial Note

On April 14, at the 362d meeting of the National Security Council, Allen Dulles discussed developments in Indonesia during his intelligence briefing. The following exchange took place:

“With respect to the situation in Indonesia, Mr. Dulles predicted that the amphibious attack by the Djakarta forces against the dissident stronghold of Padang might start at any time. He gave a summary of the details of the military plans for this amphibious attack.

“There had been no great change in the military situation since last week. The situation of the dissidents was extremely difficult, but if they were prepared to fight to the end, they still had some chance. The absence of all air cover was hard on the morale of the dissident forces. They do have anti-aircraft guns located around the Padang airfield.

“The President said it looked to him as though what the dissidents mostly needed was a submarine or two to deal with the Djakarta [Page 101] Government’s amphibious attack. One considerable disaster to the Djakarta forces might change the whole direction of the struggle. Mr. Dulles replied that an even greater need was for aircraft. [2 lines of source text not declassified] (Memorandum of discussion by Gleason, April 15; Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, NSC Records)