185. Telegram From the Embassy in Indonesia to the Department of State0

2687. CINCPAC also POLAD. Department telegram 1564.1 Djuanda as on previous occasion simply smiled understandingly but [Page 355] made no comment. In my view no comment could be expected as he made no comment on my similar statement last August. Embassy telegram 660, August 202 sets forth my interpretation of our position vis-à-vis GOI on assurances beyond those contained in exchange of notes. Immediately following my statement this subject to Djuanda last August he proceeded with exchange of notes without protest, and I am convinced there is mutual understanding on point. Repeated public and private statements by GOI that it has no intention use force against West New Guinea, latest of which are Subandrio’s private and public assurances in Australia, reinforce this view. See immediately following telegram summarizing Ambassador McIntyre’s impressions Subandrio visit.3

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 756D56/2–2859. Secret. Also sent to CINCPAC.
  2. Telegram 1564, February 26, reads as follows: “Dept would appreciate information Djuanda’s reaction your reiteration US understanding that military equipment provided under August 13 agreement to be used accordance UN charter meaning not to be used obtain control West New Guinea by force.” (Ibid., 756D.56/2–2559)

    In telegram 1209 to The Hague, February 10, the Department had informed the Embassy that Netherlands officials had inquired whether, in informing Indonesians of the augmented arms program, the United States had again stressed its opposition to the use of force by Indonesians against West New Guinea. (Ibid., 756D.56/2–1059) See Supplement. In telegram 1494 to Djakarta, February 16, the Department requested that Jones reiterate the U.S. view that the conditions of the U.S. arms sale program required that the equipment not be used to obtain control of West New Guinea. (Department of State, Central Files, 756D.56/2–1659) See Supplement.

  3. See footnote 2, Document 147.
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