21. Telegram From the Mission at the United Nations to the Department of State1

1028. Re Kashmir.

Graham asked to see Lodge today and agreed talk to Mission officer in his absence. As result last conversation with Lodge (USUN 1011)2 he has decided to modify report.
He now plans to report on five proposals he made to parties, all of which Pakistan accepted and India rejected. He did not say what these were, but they obviously include UN force and “summit” conference idea.
His sole “recommendation” will be that he still hopes it will prove possible for “summit” conference to be held between India and Pakistan instead of SC session “now”. He will probably indicate that conference should deal with various issues shown in SC sessions and his mission to be holding up plebiscite, as well as with such other issues as might relate to or facilitate settlement. He definitely has water agreement in mind. He said he might even speak of “overall settlement” if we wished.
He said he was willing to make this alteration to meet our concern about SC session at this point, although from his point of view he would be prepared to have one. He hoped this would be helpful.
He had decided after further reflection that it would be wiser not to show us draft report itself. He had not shown it to SYG either. He thinks he will certainly be asked by press if it was shown to us prior to release and wants to be able to say no. He feels we should be in position to say same.
We thanked him for helpful development and attitude, and reserved possibility further conversation with him in next day or two by Lodge after he informed.
Our preliminary reaction is our major objective has been achieved and it will now be best to let Graham proceed on his own along above lines.
  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 690D.91/3–1758. Secret; Priority; Limit Distribution.
  2. Document 17.