19. Telegram From the Embassy in Pakistan to the Department of State 1

2286. Reference: Department’s 23152 and 2321.3 While we are sure Pakistanis would welcome Graham’s planned recommendations we do not think they provide a realistic basis for advancing a settlement.

We fully agree that his report should not be such as to precipitate an SC meeting.

We are certain that if Graham makes his reported recommendations other initiative under consideration will have to be postponed indefinitely. The Pakistanis would certainly press for a decision on Graham’s reported recommendations before entertaining other proposals.

We are increasingly of opinion it important to initiate “package deal” talks with GOP quite soon, therefore apprehensive over any more delaying possibility. Indeed, Pakistan leaders, and press and people as well, developing psychology of frustration as result inability achieve foreign policy objectives. This enhanced by continuing economic deterioration, impact of new taxes, and in past fortnight has been sharply stimulated by fear that India will become US “chosen instrument” in area. Emphasis on India in Congress in addition to recent US loan to India, generally suffer line which we are taking vis-à-vis Pakistan military requests, are all adding up to serious uneasiness. While we know, of course, that above Pakistan fears are groundless and product of Pakistanis’ imagination this does not change fact that they exist and will complicate increasingly Pakistan-US relations. This situation may worsen as long as Pakistan uncertainty re US intentions continues. I believe it increasingly imperative we take up package proposal with GOP which, though not everything GOP might desire, should be appreciably more reassuring than thoughts going through minds of so many Pakistan leaders as to real US attitudes towards both Pakistan and India.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 690D.91/3–1458. Confidential; Priority; Limited Distribution. Repeated to New Delhi.
  2. Telegram 2315, March 13, repeated telegram 1007 from USUN to Karachi and New Delhi. (Ibid., 690D.91/3–1258) Telegram 1007 is printed as Document 16.
  3. Telegram 2321, March 13, reads as follows: “Graham conversation with Lodge today simply confirmed information New York’s 1007, on which your comments urgently requested, including your estimate parties’ reactions and possible effect upon other initiatives we have under consideration. USUN limited comment to hope early SC meeting would not be precipitated. USUN consulting with UK.” (Department of State, Central Files, 690D.91/3–1258)