15. Telegram From the Embassy in Pakistan to the Department of State 1

2250. Re London’s 5370 to Department.2 UK attitude to supply arms and equipment to India or Pakistan (except submarine for cash on barrelhead) seems to us to ignore political facts of life in sub-continent. To excuse policy on theory such arms and equipment otherwise would be bought from Communists still ignores responsibility UK to assist in preventing arms race and in keeping peace between two members Commonwealth while at same time helping them to attain economic viability.

[1 paragraph (31/2 lines of source text) not declassified].

Result of UK attitude has been to unload military hardware on both India and Pakistan not warranted by their needs for internal security or protection against each other, latter being principal motivation defense expenditures both countries today, regardless of Pakistan commitments under BP and SEATO.

US, though providing Pakistan with military assistance, is at same time using fact to hold down increases Pakistan defense expenditures. Refusal to equip cruiser Babur sold Pakistan by UK and deferral provision 20 bombers re 1954 mémoire3 only two of many examples of our deterrent influence (Embdes 8024 to follow lists many more).

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Believe Washington should talk with London seeking its greater cooperation in reducing provocations caused by UK arms sales in sub-continent.

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  2. In telegram 5370, March 11, the Embassy in London reported that, in response to its queries, British officials indicated that the United Kingdom did not intend to change its policy regarding the supply of arms and equipment to India or Pakistan. (Ibid., 790D.562/3–1158)
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